Item Code: B425

"This product is approved by Govt. of India"

Balkar 425 Mini Tractor Driven Harvester is a Tractor operated harvesting machine. This machine is small in size and offered in very less price within the reach of small farmers. Balkar-425 can be useful for harvesting of various crops such that wheat, Paddy, Grams and Pulses. A 45 Hp tractor can be suitable for this harvester.

Balkar 425 Mini Tractor Driven Harvester

  • India First harvester suitable for 41 to 45 HP tractors
  • Heavy Gear Box
  • Small Size harvester for Smaller Plots
  • Multi-crop Function
  • Parts Built with CNC machines
  • Very economical for Small Farmers
  • Folding Type Elevator
  • High Grain efficiency
  • Small Turning Radius
  • Power Steering (As per Tractor)
  • Heavy Duty rotor plates
  • Very economical and low maintenance
Parts Description
Type of Prime Mover Any Tractor Above 41 HP WITH DUAL CLUCTH AND POWER STEERING
Tyres Size Drive Wheel FRONT : As of Mounting Tractor / REAR-6.50/20
Steering Wheel As per Mounting Tractor
Cutter Bar Assy. 2670 MM (OPTIONAL 8 FT OR 9 FT)
Thresher Drum 585 mm Dia
Straw Walkers 4 No.s, Steped Type
Width 915 mm Width
Main Drive 2 Heavy Duty Chain